• Football Can Be A Penalty For Your Teeth!
    Nothing says football season like a big tub of Gatorade being dumped on the winning coach at the end of a game. But for you and your kids it could Read more
  • The Battle of the Sexes--Dental Style
     In 1965 James Brown sang “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” A few years earlier Harry Belafonte sang to us “That’s right – the women are smarter!” So who is Read more
  • Why Woman Often Have More Cavities
    Statistically, data shows that women have had more dental cavities than men in both prehistoric and modern times.  Previously, this had been correlated to differences in foods consumed and social Read more
    We’ve all seen Steve Martin’s crazy sadistic dental performance in the movie  Little Shop of Horrors or heard a friend’s over-inflated version of a bad office visit (usually involving a Read more
    by Yuka Yoneda, 08/16/10filed under: Green Products, Solar Power solar powered toothbrush, solar toothbrush, Kunio Komiyama, shiken, Soladey-J3X, green gadgets, solar power, green design, eco design, sustainable design, green products   When we Read more
  • 3 Decay Promoting Drinks Americans Should Avoid
    Tooth decay has become a chronic problem in the United States quite often due to the sugary, decay-causing drinks Americans consume. If you want to spend less time at the Read more
      UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A DENTIST!!!       You're sitting on the bank of a slow moving river at sunset, enjoying a delightful shore side dinner when you suddenly bite down hard on Read more
  • Floss To Remember
    Floss To RememberMay 12, 2010 by maleniusdental Having trouble remembering to floss? It may be more than just trying to develop a good habit that will save your teeth! Thanks to Read more

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