Hard and Soft Lasers

The latest state-of-the-art technology, hard and soft lasers are our most recent additions to our office. Surprisingly only approximately five percent of all dentists have lasers available in their offices. The laser is revolutionizing dental care by removing tooth decay and prepares cavities for fillings, often without numbing the area. Most patients are relieved not to hear or smell the traditional drill, and say the treatment is so comfortable that they feel only water washing away the tooth decay and just an occasional sense of warmth.

The laser provides many dental benefits, including:

  • Providing safe, fast, comfortable and effective treatment for both hard and soft oral tissues;
  • Treatment often requires little or no numbing;
  • Promotes faster healing;
  • Produces little or no post surgical discomfort;
  • Precision allows minimal damage to surrounding tissue;
  • Treatment area is sterilized promoting faster healing and quicker resolution of herpetic lesions (cold sores) preventing their reoccurrence in that area;
  • Bacterial infections are minimized because of the high-energy light beams sterilize the area.

Lasers are more gentle to the oral tissues than other methods of cutting tissue allowing many other applications to be performed including:

  • Tumor removal
  • Crown lengthening, which exposes and reshapes teeth, providing a stronger foundation for a restoration;
  • muscle attachment removal for tongue-tied individuals.
  • Reduction of a "gummy smile" by reshaping and reducing gum tissue to expose healthy tooth structure and improve appearance.
  • However, dental lasers are not appropriate to use for the replacement of amalgam (silver) fillings, onlays or crowns.