Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

Coming soon Here's an interesting quiz for you.

Who Originally dispensed the famous recommendation to "see your dentist twice a year?"

Is this true or not?- so when and where do you think that bit of advice originated?

  1. The American Dental Association in 1933
  2. The world's first dental college- The University of Maryland school of Dentistry in 1845.
  3. An article in the Journal of Oral surgery by Dr. Henry Horseacre in 1909 entitled "Proper Protocol for dental cleanings."
  4. A  radio ad for Pepsodent Toothpaste in 1929.

Believe it or not, if you guessed  "4" you are correct!

Most of us known the famous order to "see your dentist twice a year."  Some insurance companies even use that  interval to define their standard for payment.  But  the fact is that phrase was developed with no scientific basis at all-and to sell toothpaste!

Another example of this logic was the campaign for Pear's Soap in the late 1800's. The slogan "Have you used Pear's Soap today?" ushered in the habit of daily bathing! And while that was certainly a good thing, the fact is that we are all different and to think that everyone requires the same schedule for their health needs just doesn't make sense.

When you wash your hair, do you "rinse and repeat?" Do you associate diamonds with engagement rings?  Are you convinced that Volvo builds the safest cars?  If so, you've been influenced by advertising, not necessarily facts.  Don't worry- we are all guilty of it!

At Dr. Malenius & Associates, Dr. Davis an I don't believe in a cookie cutter approach when your health is involved.  In ordre to determine the correct dental treatment for you (including how often you should have your teeth cleaned) we perform a thorough examination, checking your teeth, gums, medical history, bite, jaw muscles and more.  We even do an oral cancer screening at every check -up.

Everyone is different, so despite what the ad men from Pepsodent once said, let's scientifically determine the correct schedule for your dental visits by looking at the facts, not an ad slogan.  Then you can look forward to a lifetime of healthy teet and gums - ad keep smiling forever!

If you have any questions, or you would like to schedule a visit, please call 1-630-668-6180.  We are here to help you!

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