Floss To Remember
By drmalenius
May 14, 2010
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Floss To Remember
May 12, 2010 by maleniusdental

Having trouble remembering to floss? It may be more than just trying to develop a good habit that will save your teeth! Thanks to Courtney "CoCo" Malenius, who brought to our attention a Channel 7/ABC report entitled "Floss to Remember," research suggests that forgetting can be contributed to by gum disease.

It seems that staying away from gum disease bacteria keeps more than your teeth. The bacteria that causes gum disease triggers your body's inflammatory process that can affect your systemic health including your memory! Researchers looked at men and women over 60, and those who scored lowest on tests of math and memory had been exposed to gum disease bacteria. These low score results were comparable to scores by those with early Alzheimer's Disease. The inflammatory bacteria causes blood vessels to stiffen, which is linked to cardiac and memory problems.

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